Every Kiss Takes A Minute Off Your Life

by John Callaghan



Released as a 12” on Short Sharp Shock Records. The video for “Every Kiss Takes A Minute Off Your Life” can be seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlZ_u_jng8U


released January 1, 2004



all rights reserved


John Callaghan UK

John Callaghan is an unusual songwriter / performer of thoughtful and spiky electronica from Birmingham (UK).
More of his songs can be found at bleep.com/artist/153 (the stuff on Warp Records, basically, including "I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind").
He is 173cm tall, weights 73kg and has a blood pressure of 110/60Hg.
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Track Name: Every Kiss Takes A Minute Off Your Life
If every kiss takes a minute off your life,
Why do I feel so old? Why do I feel so old?
And the air is filth and the water's spiked with sin
And with every single breath, I soak the corruption in

I feel my bloodstream thicken up
As if I wasn't sick enough
And all the same, it's all a game
When you and I are history

Is it worth the risk for the meaning these things give?
Without my poisoned sweets, how am I going to live?
And if every day takes another day off your life
Is that why I feel so young? Is that why I feel so young?

You won't defame my fun and games
With spurious lies and specious claims
No pain, no gain, it's such a shame
But self-control will save me

You'll never slake my hungering
With jealous glib scaremongering
'Cause I can wait and moderate
And have my cake and eat it
Track Name: There's a Box in the Attic
There's a box in the attic of his mind
It is laden with locks and the key's in the box
There's a mind in the cupboard of his soul
In the mind there's a doubt that will never get out

He'll forgive and not believe that he had anything to forgive you for
He'll forget and not allow that he had anyone to forget about

There's a heart in the sewer of his soul
But he's frightened he might drown if he follows it down
There's a person who is lost in his own house
He can hear stifled cries but he just shuts his eyes

He will sigh and not know why, it's all behind closed doors, walking different floors
With a kiss you'd have the key, just like Houdini's wife used to do for him